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Excellent vision and lasting comfort

Discover the first and only water gradient contact lenses that create a cushion of moisture on your eyes. Designed to offer high breathability and improve the lubricity of contacts, they reduce friction between your eyelid surface and the lens to combat contact lens dryness and provide comfort that lasts. 90% of wearers feel so comfortable wearing them that they feel like they’re not wearing contacts at all.

Enjoy the convenience of these daily disposable contacts which requires zero cleaning. Do you want to enjoy that "new lens" feeling every day? Check out Dailies Total1® contacts for nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia) to correct your vision.

Say goodbye to contact lens dryness with Dailies Total1® contacts .

Replacement Schedule: Daily

Package size: 30 Lenses Per Box

Base Curve: 8.5mm

Diameter: 14.1mm

Left Eye:
Right Eye: